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How to reduce annoying reflections on picture frames.

One of the most frustrating things once you have got your artwork framed and proudly hung up on the wall is to see mainly yourself in the frame because of reflections from normal glass. The reflections can vary depending on where it is hung and the type of light hitting the glazing, and the time of day with natural light.

To reduce reflections and glares you can do three things.

Remove the glass from the frame.

This is however a drastic method if the art work needs glazing for protection from physical damage eg dirty finger prints, air pollutants, smoke, dirt and grime. Most artworks with exception of canvas and oils do need glazing.

Adjust the lighting with lights or moving where frame is hung.

Avoid hanging the frame in direct light opposite a window. If you can move the picture around to different places in your home trying to find the spot with the least reflection. Don’t forget though natural light strength and direction changes through the day. Another method is to position a light/s directly above the frame which forces the light to hit it at a steep angle so you will not see reflections when looking straight onto the artwork.

Use specialist glazing in your frames.

Invest in antireflective glass which virtually eliminates reflections and provides crystal clear colour transmission. It works by having a layer of optical coating on either side of the glass which minimises reflections. This is also available with a UV filtering coat that stops 99% of damaging UV hitting the artwork. If you want to know more about these optical clear glazing's please do ask me.

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