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Colour chart used for picture framing

‘Colours like features follow the changes of emotions’  


P Picasso

The Picture Frame

The picture frame as we know it emerged in the early Renaissance in Italy (14th to 16th c). Although the craftsmanship has evolved with time and technology the core skills have remained the same for 100s of years - cutting lengths of timber, preparing mounts, cutting glass and backing board, and finally the assembly of these component parts to produce the completed frame.



Cross section of quality picture frame

The Design

The Design is crucial and encompasses so much more than simply putting a frame around your picture. The right matting and frame work together to enhance your artwork, while simultaneously complementing your unique personality and style.


The quality of the materials used will work to ensure that you will be enjoying your art for many years to come. By taking into consideration the colour, size, style, and visual texture of your artwork, the frame design will become part of the art, enhancing the piece as a whole.

The Frame

Moulding is the solid surround of the artwork and serves to lends strength to the frame package, and structure to protect the artwork from the environment.


The multitude of styles, colours, textures, hand finishes and sizes means your art can be framed to match virtually any décor and taste.


We provide traditional, modern, and natural woods, and aluminiums. They can be rectangular, oval, and circular.


What to Frame



  • Fine art originals, limited and open editions

  • Posters and certificates

  • Water colours, pastels, crayons, aryrilics, oils, pencil

  • Textiles- silk, ragwork, knitting, x stitch

  • Photographs

  • Shadow box framing for 3d objects - sports, baby, pet, military memorabilia

  • Wedding photos, table plans, chalk boards, memorabilia

  • Cleaning and refreshing of existing frames

  • Reglazing and minor restoration

  • Level 2 Conservation and Level 1 Museum framing


The thick mat card between the artwork and moulding is attractive as well as functional, and is a key element in your frame design.


Creating air space between the face of the artwork and the glass, the mat helps eliminate humidity issues that can cause mould to grow. It also supports the artwork.


The addition of a mat serves to provide size, colour, and depth. Deep bevel, multiple mats and shadow mounting add even more depth, giving the framed piece a three-dimensional look.


Wider mats create a visual separation between the art and frame, keeping the latter from overpowering the art.


Colour wise mats come in a tremendous array of colours and textures (paper, linen, suede, fabric), which can visually tie in with the art and where it will hang.


We also provide hand finishing of mounts by v grooves, paper/fabric wrapping, french matting.

 close up of cutting picture framing glass


This is a very important element to the frame package, as it is the barrier that protects the visible parts of your artwork.


There are several types of glass careful choice is made on the type and value of the art work, verses the cost.


We offer regular picture glass,  water white glass, antireflective glass (almost invisible ) , UV filtering glass (filters 98% of damaging UV) and Museum glass. 


If safety or weight is an issue the above types are available in acrylic glazing as well.


Care should be taken when hanging the art that its exposure to harsh lighting is minimized.

fixtures and fittings for hanging a picture frame properly

Quality Service

All frames come with aftercare and hanging guidance, hanging fixtures and corner bumpers. They will be wrapped in bubble wrap for transport.


Our turnaround for most items is 3 -4 weeks depending on the complexity of the project and materials required. We will advise you at the time of ordering.


Price wise we do not have set charges as every piece is individual.


We will provide a no obligation estimate on seeing the item and discussion with yourself of your requirements.

We offer a no risk 100% guaranteed service. If you are not happy with the mount and/or moulding choice let us know  with in 10 days of collection and we will change it. If you upgrade the moulding you only pay the difference. Our terms and conditions can be found footer.

The workshop has full insurance. 

"Sarah's advice and choice of materials for your artwork is wonderful, from frames to hand painted mounts. The craftsmanship is exact and beautiful" Uschi

Call 07800 666094 for a no obligation estimate.

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