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Is Bespoke framing worth the expense? YES

In my business, Bespoke picture framing, I have seen an increase in costs since the pandemic, firstly due to supply issues and now due to the increases in production costs. My supplier who used to produce price catalogues every year now reviews their prices weekly.

With the cost of living crisis as well it is inevitable bespoke picture framing prices have increased. BUT remember having your item framed by a Fine Art Trade Guild Certified Framer is still good value and should be viewed as a long term investment.

It is better to pay the extra to frame your item correctly the first time in a way that will not cause damage to it and is reversible, than to take the cheaper option, a cheap frame which after a while falls apart or does irreversible damage. Frame it once, frame it right.

Over the years I have lost count of how my horrified “omgs” I have uttered seeing how bad some of the framing is that clients that have bought in saying “the frames just needs rescuing”. On the flip side its really satisfying to putting them right, its abit akin to the popular TV programme “The repair shop”.

With Fine Art Trade Guild Standard framing you are not just getting a product, the frame, you are getting a long term investment, and the experience and value of a professional framer.

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