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Level 1 (Museum Standard) Picture Framing of Paper Art

This 1833 map of Gloucestershire deserved framing at the ultimate level due to its age and historical interest. To be able to see its uneven paper edges that add more interest it was float mounted.

It has been mounted onto a level 1 mountboard back support, cut slightly smaller than the map, using mulberry tissue hinges and starch paste. Both the mountboard and hinges are lignin free, and the latter can be removed by dampening with distilled water with no damage to the map. The hinges once glued in place are covered in release paper and acid free blotting paper, weighted down with glass and allowed to dry.

EVA glue, which is water reversible and ph neutral, is used on the back of the support board to adhere the map to the level 1 backing mountboard and allowed to dry.

Museum glass is fitted into the black wood frame. Spacers to keep the map away from the glass preventing damage from possible condensation on the inside of the glass, are made from level 1 mountboard, cut to size and help in place with EVA glue.

The map is then fitted into the frame, followed by a barrier layer of mylar and ph neutral backing board. It is held in the frame with framers points and then sealed with brown gummed tape. Corners bumpers, which allow air circulation behind the frame, and hanging fittings are added. Finally, a label is added on the back informing of the date of framing, level and if specialist glass is used.

This is a fully reversible process that will not cause damage to the map and that will protect and preserve it for the future.

Materials Used:

WF 251 7/8” flat square black grained moulding

Tru Vue Museum Glass

CM2253 Crescent Cotton Mountboard White

12 gsm mulberry tissue & starch paste

75 gsm Mylar

2.5mm Art Bac conservation backing board


Framers Points

Brown gummed sealing tape

Felt corner bumpers

D Rings and 2N cord

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