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Four Professional Secrets Of Bespoke Picture Framing Anyone Can Do

You’ve finished a project you have been working on months, or years, a real labour of love and creativity. Or you have a photograph of you as a baby and your Great Grandads Military Medals both of which you’ve had hidden in the back of the drawer for to long.

Now you need showcase their beauty to family, friends or clients. What’s needed is a custom picture frame that presents, protects and preserves and is totally unique to you.

Before you work with a bespoke framer its worth taking the time to read these “secrets” to get the perfect frame and best service possible. Being prepared can take a lot of the overwhelm out of the experience if you are not sure what to expect.


Get your imaginary magnifying glass out and really study the item. What colours are in it that you want reflected in the frame? What size does it need to be? Does it represent an era that needs reflecting in the frame design? Does it have deckled edges that you want to see? Does it need conservation or museum level framing due to its value?


If it’s a paper based item does it need a mount border? If so what colour? How wide and narrow? Cut some pieces of colour paper into different widths and see what looks best for you.


Have a think about what type of moulding frame you want. Do you like bare woods like me? Or simple contemporary frames? Does it need painting to match a colour scheme? Having an idea will help narrow the choice down from the 1000s available quicker!


Finally consider what glazing it needs. If safety is important acrylics are safe to use. If its hung in a room with lots of light sources consider using antireflective glass. Delicate watercolours benefit from UV filtering glass. Very rare and valuable pieces may need museum spec glass.

So there you have a few tips to make your trip to a bespoke framer so much easier for you. Make a note of what you want as you go through the 4 tips and together we can get the perfect framing solution for you and your treasured items.

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Stay safe and take care 🙂

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