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The Repair Shop and Me

I love watching the Repair Shop tv programme on BBC. Don’t you just get that tingling feel good factor seeing the clients’ emotions as their treasured family pieces of history are bought back to life and memories are remembered? It’s a heart warming antidote to today’s throw away culture.

It showcases caring skilled crafters who talents are dying out slowly. But we need them, we need small local talented bespoke crafters. Money alone cannot, and never will, evoke or buy the emotions that the restored treasures evoke, nor maintain the memories and sentimentality to pass on to families, and future custodians. Now more than ever, as we continue traversing this covid pandemic, we need this feeling of love, remembering and belonging.

I take the liberty to liken my picture framing service to the ethos of this TV programme. My clients bring in treasured items to frame that have great sentimental value to them. Whilst they are not usually broken, they may have been stuck in a drawer for many a year. Framing them gets them on display so they are remined daily of that person/event/emotion/feelgood factor. It makes my day to see my clients face light up when they collect their framed item. I feel privileged and honoured to witness it, its a job well done.

Framing not only gets the items seen it also, using the right materials and techniques, protects and preserves them for the current owners and for whoever is special enough to be given custody of them in the future. It prolongs the that feeling of feelgood. Repairs, remounting and cleaning cleaning of old existing frames also does this.

Bespoke framing is skilled craft. With modern technology and equipment, it won’t be long before a standard frame can be made without any human input. Yes the frames will be inexpensive, and probably make it even harder for small custom framers to keep going, but it’s not rocket science to realise you will not get the quality in materials and skills, nor the attention to detail and care. Will they transform your priceless treasures and bring back the loved memories they hold? I can’t see it.

Feedback from clients that support my hypothesis I am like the Repair Shop!

“I came across this very old family photograph whilst sorting out my recently deceased aunt’s possessions. Words can’t describe how important this photograph became all of a sudden. I had never actually seen what either of my aunts looked like as children, I’d never actually seen a picture of them with my father - and I never knew their parents either (my grandparents). In this family portrait I have a link to my heritage and a priceless memory that is now preserved for future generations. Sarah used her artistic eye to select exactly the right mount and frame to turn a tatty old picture into something I will love, keep and display forever. Thank you Sarah.”

“A framed set of old cigarette cards which had broken was re framed by Sarah of Fellows Framing. The standard and quality of the workmanship is extremely high, I am very happy to recommend Sarah to anyone who is looking for a traditional and professional picture framing service which will preserve treasures for the next generation, at a realistic and competitive cost.”

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