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What is Conservation Framing?

I am often asked what this is especially as its an important part of my framing service.

The Fine Art Trade Guild has identified 5 levels of framing to provide a consistent benchmark of standards and an informed choice of the level of framing for you depending on your individual needs.

The levels address the visual appearance of the frame and the role of the frame in protecting the items from damage (airborne pollution, acids generated from framing materials, inappropriate framing techniques, UV light, heat, damp, and insects).

The 5 levels in order from highest to lowest specification are Museum, Conservation, Commended, Budget, and Minimum (off the shelf frames).

For me commended level is the minimum level I work at, the frame visually enhances the artwork and provides a moderate level of protection. Whist the highest Museum is the top level where the framing solution will protect and preserve the artwork for many future generations.

I find most of my framing is at conservation level. Here the artwork is visually enhanced and encased to protect and preserve it for future generations, for at least 20 years if the frame is kept in normal conditions. The techniques and materials used do not alter the original condition and the methods used must be fully reversible.

What does this mean for you?

From a choice of mounts, frames, and glass you have and the frame design very little.

In terms of price it is more that commended level.

Should you ever need to take the item out of the frame it is a fully reversible process with no damage to the artwork.

If you have valued items (money wise or sentimental) peace of mind that they are protected and preserved for future generations.

I always say to clients if your going to the trouble to have a handmade frame we only want to do it once so do it right, it’s certainly worth you thinking about conservation framing for cherished items.

Want to know more?

Then please get in touch with me at

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