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What’s stopping you from using a bespoke picture framer?

Like most people, you may be cautious, if not apprehensive (dare I say it scared) to visit a bespoke picture framer like myself.

You do not know me, the quality of my framing nor how others perceive my brand.

You are worried you won’t like the end frame, that it may damage your items or not be done on time if time sensitive.

I fully understandable your concerns given the items you want framing hold such high sentimental value to you.

You can have piece of mind with me though, I promise. And this is why:

What if I don’t like the moulding & mount?

I offer a 100% guarantee.

It can be hard to choose the right mount, moulding and glass because there is such a choice but don’t worry that’s what I am here for to help you make the right choose.

BUT If you are unsatisfied with the finished frame, I will change the mount colour, moulding & glazing at no extra cost (unless you are upgrading the moulding or glass when I would charge the difference) within 2 weeks of collection.

Feeling more reassured? I hope so. What to feel even more confident? Read on…

Will my items be damaged in the framing process?

NO. 100% NOT.

I use techniques and materials approved by the Fine art Trade Guild and I am a Guild Certified Framer. This means I work to the high standards set by the Guild and were possible work at levels 1 & 2 which are reversible. If the techniques and materials used may potentially damage your work, I will only use them with your consent.

Will it be done on time?


I work on a 3-4 week turnaround but can do work quicker if urgent. All materials are ordered in for each job. I give a realist time frame for completion at the consultation and keep you updated. If you want same day framing then sorry I am not the framer for you.

Do you have insurance?


I have public liability cover and contents cover. If you item is particularly valuable please check with me that my cover limit is high enough.

I’ve heard bespoke framing costs a lot of money.

Firstly, remember Cost is a relative thing, what’s expensive to me may be affordable to you so keep an open mind.

If you are coming to me you have already decided you want to invest in a frame that’s the best for your item, that will protect and preserve it and that’s handmade. Perhaps you want to support small local business and craftmanship to.

I provide a quote based on size & complexity. As all items are different, they are individually costed. Too much for you? Don’t panic its non-obligatory. To little for you? Then happy days.

I need social proof can I get reviews for you?


There are plenty of reviews on my website gallery page.

Or on my facebook page:

Or Google:

Or would you rather speak to a client of mine by phone? Just contact me and I will arrange it.

I can’t get to your workshop. Do you do home visits?


Collection and delivery are possible. Just contact me and I will arrange it.

Felling more confident now about using a bespoke framer now? I do hope so!

If there any concerns I have not covered though please get in touch with me.

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