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What to expect when you visit Fellows Framing, Bespoke Picture Framing Service

Booking your Consultation

Its never been easier for you to contact me to book your picture framing consultation via these channels:

Phone, whats ap & text 07800 666094

Social Media facebook @Fellows Framing, Instagram @fellows_framing

Messenger Fellows Framing

Phew, thats quite a few - hope I have remembered them all!

I work from home and can be flexible with times if you need to fit them around working hours and other commitments.

Your personnel consultation appointment - what to expect when you come in for a consultation appointment.

I would recommend leaving half an hour free for it, longer if you have several pieces that need varied materials.

There is plenty of parking at the workshop and when you come in you will find it is a practical workplace filled with materials and equipment. I only see one client at a time so will be just me and you. I usually round up my workshop assistants, the dogs, before you come but if you see them bear with while I get them in as I often loose track of time when I get engrossed in framing.

We will look at the item together and decide what type of framing it needs and then choose the mount, moulding (wood), glazing and level/standard of framing you want. There are lots of options with many samples to look at.

I will then measure the items and give you a no obligation quote, which is valid for 30 days. If you want to go ahead I will give you a realistic collection date and carefully store your items until the materials have come in and the work is done.

Much as it goes against my grain, due to a few non-paying customers last year I will ask you for a 50% deposit to confirm an order. I am sorry to have to start doing this now. It is refundable if you cancel your order within 48 hrs.

Hopefully, you will go away feeling pleased with your choices, peace of mind your items will be looked after and framed properly, and also looking forward to getting the finished frames back home and on the wall. If however you get home and think “I meant to ask about….” please get in touch anytime.

How long will it take to complete the picture framing?

If you place an order with me I will advise on how long it will take to complete. At the moment I am allowing 4 weeks for turn around. If the time will change I will keep you informed.

I would like to explain why it is this length of time:

Between us we chose the best materials. These are individual to your frame and are ordered in especially. I do not have the materials stock as I don’t have the space to store them all I am afraid. As I want you to have your favourite one I don’t even stock a few more popular styles.

Whilst I usually get a weekly material delivery, if items are out of stock with the supplier they can take longer to be delivered. This has certainly been the case since the covid 19 pandemic started due to manufacturing delays, transport delays to suppliers and staff shortages. Brexit has also had knock on effects.

Even with the best supplier service in the world its inevitable some materials will come in too damaged to use, reordering creates a small delay.

The final factor affecting length of time is the amount of work already ordered and booked in. Its only me and I want you to have a realistic time. I will not say collect in a week if it is not achievable.

If, however, you need items framing sooner than the time given please let me know I will do my best to fit them in if I can.

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