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A Mount catching the Waves.

This ltd print “Wave Catcher” by has been framed with a hand painted turned inlay grey mount, deep grained white frame and antireflective glass.

A turned inlay is where a section approx. 1cms wide of the back of the mount is cut out, reversed and fixed into the front of the mount so you have the mountboard face colour, the turned inlay mount colour and then another section of mountboard face colour towards the middle.

The area of the back of the mount to be cut out and turned is marked out with pencil ruled lines and in this case hand painted carefully to match the colours of the print to give the illusion of extension of the work. Once dry the section of mount is cut out turned around and taped in. The normal the window mount section is then cut out.

This is not a technique I use often so really enjoyed doing it. I am pleased with the overall effect and as it’s a piece for me I get to be remined of the power of the sea every time I see it.

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