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Royal Forest of Dean Rotary Club

This came in last year for framing up with a difference.

The President from Rotary Club of the Royal Forest of Dean asked me to frame this replica chain of office. Each new president has a name badge which is worn on the chain. The original chain of office had become full up of badges, so a replica was made and the oldest president names were transferred onto it.

As more badges will be added to the replica as time goes on the frame was made so the chain could be easily removed by the rotary members.

A magnet holds the oval metal Forest of Dean Badge in place. Two slots are cut into the back board which thread passes through to the name badges to support the weighty chain from falling forward when vertical. They loop over a pin in the back as does thread that holds the ends of the chain in place.

The back is help on with flexi tabs allowing easy removal and access to the chain as and when needed.

The frame is a deep warm walnut, the mount off white conservation level and finished with specialist anti reflective glass to view the chain and names with the best clarity available.

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